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An infrared sauna heats your body directly without warming the air around you- and this causes results similar to those elicited by moderate exercise, such as vigorous sweating and increased heart rate. Studies have shown there are many major benefits to Infared Sauna Therapy, which you can read about below.



Why Use An Infrared Sauna?

Sweating is one of the body’s most natural ways to eliminate toxins, making it a crucial part of detoxification. When compared to traditional Swedish saunas, infrared saunas allow you to eliminate about seven times more toxins.

Infrared sauna therapy promotes relaxation by helping to balance your body’s level of cortisol, your body’s primary stress hormone. The heat generated by the sauna will also help to relax muscles and relieve tension throughout the body, allowing you to relax and de-stress.

Pain Relief
If you suffer from muscle aches or joint pain, infrared saunas can relieve this form of inflammation by increasing circulation and relaxing your muscles.

Weight Loss
The heat generated by an infrared sauna will cause your core temperature to increase, which can also lead to an increased heart rate — the same increase in heart rate that you experience when exercising. When your body has to work harder to lower your core temperature or keep up with an increased heart rate, your body will burn more calories, resulting in weight loss.

Improved Circulation
As the heat from infrared saunas increases your core body temperature, your circulation will increase along with it. Consistent infrared sauna sessions, especially in the middle-infrared level, can stimulate blood flow, improve muscle recovery, and decrease pain and inflammation after intense exercise.

Skin Purification
Infrared sauna technology can help purify your skin by eliminating toxins from your pores and increasing circulation, resulting in clearer, softer, and healthier-looking skin.



One Month Unlimited

  • Max 45-Minute Session

Three Months Unlimited

  • Max 45-Minute Session
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Ash Mac
Ash Mac
18:12 07 Jan 20
Friendly staff, great scheduling and the Wax Girls here are amazing!
Julia Karimi
Julia Karimi
19:36 21 Dec 19
The owner of this place is a big scam and ripe off. Don’t trust them with your beauty or your money. Please stay away... from this place if you don’t want to regret doing business with the professional scam artist.read more
Melissa Warren
Melissa Warren
18:33 04 Sep 19
Love the high-end feel and cleanliness at LUXE- friendly staff, accommodating for appointment times, and really high... quality services. Definitely recommend if you're in South Surrey.read more
Andrea Silvestre
Andrea Silvestre
22:36 22 Aug 19
incredibly clean, professionally run, and always accomodating. its great seeing the owner there and rest of the staff... is extremely helpful. was very new to tanning and they helped me learn about it! highly highly recommend for more than just tanning but all beauty needs!read more
Alyn Gulerian
Alyn Gulerian
23:43 17 Jul 19
Family owned and ran and you can tell!!! My fave tanning salon, amazing beds at seriously the BEST PRICES, a nice... selection of lotions and they are so informative when you have any questions. The service at Luxe is exceptional! I love being greeted by Talia anytime I pop in, she is a ray of sunshine! She takes major pride in her family business & She will ALWAYS do her best to squeeze you in for a tan even at the busiest time which is so important to me. I highly recommend Luxe to everyone that I know.read more
Star mitchell
Star mitchell
06:15 22 Mar 19
I got my teeth whitened here it it worked great! The girl who whitened my teeth took a before and after picture and... it's insane how much whiter they look. They price isn't easy on the pocket but I guess you're paying for the results.read more
Janelle Coulombe
Janelle Coulombe
23:25 15 Mar 19
Very friendly owner and staff. Super clean, all beds are always in great condition with all bulbs working. Best beauty... bar in South Surrey for sure!read more
Ashley Schindler
Ashley Schindler
09:46 24 Feb 19
Tanning seems to be good but maybe stick that instead of all beauty aspects. All your reviews seem to be done exactly... at the same time. Not sure if that’s a coincidence or planning by management !!!!!read more
Susan Livesey
Susan Livesey
02:53 16 Nov 18
The renovations are amazing. Did a infra red sauna. Felt great after. Will do again. I must say the staff are great. So... helpful and polite. Made me feel special. Keep up the good workread more
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